complementary color

Design 18 cards that work together as a unit, but also can stand alone as individual works of art.

Plan a theme - famous works of art, letters of the alphabet, emotions, days of the week, months of the year, flowers, cars, animals, etc.

Plan the back side of the cards after most of the cards are complete. All cards must be signed and dated on the back.

Cards must be stored in the trading card plastic sleeves.

4 cards that work as a puzzle
9 cards in plastic sleeve

Requirements: You must make 19 cards
(but should end up with 18 cards total because you are using 2 cards to make the window/door card #17 below)
click below for examples

      1. cool color scheme
      2. warm color scheme
      3. complementary color scheme
      4. analogous color scheme
      5. four cards that work as a puzzle
      6. foreground, middle ground, background
      7. spiral
      8. strong horizontal
      9. strong vertical
      10. strong diagonal
      11. overlapping images
      12. using words in the design
      13. showing texture
      14. symmetrical balance
      15. asymmetrical balance
      16. border
      17. window or door exposing 2nd layer underneath (you will use 2 cards to create this one)
      18. incorporate your name or the title of the theme into the design

Assignment in PDF form (handout)