22 x 30" Watercolor paper, 130 lb. weight
assorted inks, dyes, or paints in choice of colors
rubber gloves
gold or silver paint pens
No. 2 pencil
colored pencils
construction or fadeless colored paper in your choice of colors
3 ply chipboard or mat board that is doubled
white glue

sponge and water container
paint brushes
craft knife
cutting mat (optional)
paper cutter (optional)



Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor
Paper Sold in 22 x 30" sheets as well as in blocks and pads.
hTe preferred weight for sculptural books is 130 lb.
Has a strong, rough finish and can withstand repeated layering of colors.

Procion Dyes
Excellent color and lighfast qualities. Sold as a powder.
Mix with water to achieve the desired hue and value. Can be mixed to make new colors.
Basic colors are turquoise, magenta, golden yellow, violet, and forest green. Many other colors are available.

Prang Professional Colored Pencils
Sold in sets of 12 to 105 colors
While Berol Colored Pencils are considered by many as the top of the line, Prang colored pencils are a close second and are priced within most budgets. Ultra-smooth, blendable 4mm and 6m colored cores. Premium quality pencils lay down rich smooth blendable colors.

Fiskars Scissors
Lightweight surgical stainless steel scissors that are sold in a variety of sizes and cutting edges, these scissors cut anything from silk to tagboard!


Dick Blick Art Materials
P.O. Box 1267 695 Route 150
Galesburg, IL 61402
(309) 343-6181 (800) 447-8192
This mail order company is a complete source for most of the supplies needed for sculptural bookmaking: Strathmore watercolor paper, Fiskars scissors, Dyes, Prang Colored Pencils, white glue, rulers, craft knives, and chip board.

Sax Arts and Crafts
PO Box 510710
New Berlin, WI 53151
An art supply company that sells via mail order. This company is a comprehensive source for art supplies including those needed for sculptural bookmaking.