Check out these screen shots to see what the Planning Toolkit looks like!

Coming in Mid-March!
The toolkit will include the National Core Art Standards!

These are the fields that are available on the data entry screen for your lesson plans.

  • Title
  • grade level
  • class
  • approx. time
  • date / week / period
  • essential guiding question
  • interdisciplinary connections (drop down menu)
  • elements of art (drop down menu)
  • principles of design (drop down menu)
  • state standards (drop down menu for YOUR state)
  • benchmarks (drop down menu for YOUR state)
  • related Math and Communication skills (drop down)
  • objectives
  • ESE / ELOL strategies (drop down menu)
  • character education (drop down menu)
  • technology (drop down menu)
  • software (drop down menu)
  • National Educational Technology Standards (drop down menu)
  • web resources
  • 5 file references (connect to files you have on your computer for easy reference)
  • 2 places to import illustrations/ samples/ etc.
  • artist connections - lesson inspiration
  • vocabulary
  • materials
  • preparation
  • procedure
  • assessment
  • 2 built-in rubric creators
  • notes/ reflection


Note: all drop down menus are editable.




You'll have many different print options for each lesson:

  • The entire lesson plan (with all of the field data)
  • 2 different one-page formats
  • a student handout
  • a parent handout
  • rubric printouts
  • print the illustrations

Example of a one-page lesson plan print option

Your toolkit includes a digital portfolio so that you can organize your student work or YOUR work!




The digital portfolio includes these data fields:

  • student name
  • artwork title
  • date / year
  • group
  • media
  • size
  • artist statement
  • 2 places to import images of the work (different views perhaps?)

Of course, you'll have various print options in the digital portfolio:

  • print images and artist statement (one page)
  • print images
  • print artist statement
  • print whole portfolio
  • print Avery labels (Avery 5160)

The Syllabus Creator allows you to create a syllabus for each of your classes. The data input is based on the requirements or the College Board for an AP course syllabus.



For each syllabus, the following data entry fields are available:

  • teacher name
  • email address
  • school
  • office number
  • office hours
  • course number
  • course name
  • prerequisite
  • course schedule
  • required materials
  • textbook
  • grading/ evaluation
  • course goals
  • course plan



The Electronic File Cabinet gives you a spot to organize all of your important PDF, jpg, or Tiff files.

It's great to keep everything in one spot!



This is an example of the import screen for your Electronic File Cabinet.



Curriculum maps allow you to set long-range goals for your classes and set a pace for your teaching.

The Curriculum Mapping component of the Toolkit offers data entry fields for:

  • time period (months, weeks, quarters, etc.)
  • content outline
  • skills/ standards (drop down menu)
  • resources
  • assessment


If you have any questions or need more information about the Art Planning Toolkit, please contact us.