You've seen the devastation of the floods in Houston - here's a way that you can help!

In just four days, the largest rainstorm in the history of the United States left over 50 inches of water in the Houston area.

More than 13,000 people have been rescued from floodwaters, These people left behind homes that could be flooded for days, or weeks, and perhaps lost forever.

Your tiny houses can be sold and the money donated to an organization that will provide relief to the people who need it.


Some suggested charities:

The Texas Workers Relief Fund. A union-relief effort by the Texas AFL-CIO, donations are tax-deductible. The state fed has been closely coordinating with the Houston and Corpus-area central labor councils to provide material aid.

RNRN Disaster Relief Fund. The National Nurses United organizes medical relief for major disasters through this fund.

Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund. If you want to donate directly for relief in the Coastal Bend towns hit directly by the hurricane.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Houston's mayor has set up this fund to assist with victims of Houston's ongoing and increasingly dangerous flooding. Donations are tax-deductible.

Houston Food Bank helps provide meals for hungry neighbors in emergencies and all year round

United Way of Greater Houston has set up a relief fund that people can donate to. The organization said its first priority is shelter and basic needs like food. 

Americaresan emergency response organization based in Connecticut, is delivering relief supplies and working with a local clinic in Houston.


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