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Transformations - 2D to 3D

Take 12 individual 2-D lessons and transform these lessons into 3-D projects - all with WOW factor! Op Art >pop-up book, line designs>tube sculptures, Self portraits>plexiglass sculpture, foil embossing>spectacular boxes, printmaking plates>clay containers, art cards > 3-D card sculptures and many more! Details, movies, and examples will inspire you to use 2-D projects as a springboard into the world of 3-D!

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Amazing Art Cards - A Curriculum Overhaul

Simplify, unify, and re-charge your curriculum as you redefine your everyday media for your art program. Art Cards are NOT Artist Trading Cards. These are 4x6 cards that are designed by your students using materials, media, and assignments that reflect your curriculum - drawing, design, painting, collage, photography, etc. These cards touch on all of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as they rejuvenate your lessons. Oh, and what you can do with these cards! Build with them, use them as a sketchbook, organize them into various configurations, create a book and more! This presentation will show you how to overhaul your curriculum using a simple, "do-able," yet EXCITING concept!

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A Plethora of Paper Processes!

Learn 15 ways to decorate paper! Videos and directions for the following processes are included: dyed paper, spray paint, tissue paper, dry pigment, spattered dye, sand paper, shaving creme, paste paper, salt crystals, chalk marbling, cheese cloth, acrylic resist, dripped dye, plastic wrap, bubble paper, coffee/tea, and webbing.

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Paper Processes - Supersized!

 Learn 17 more ways to decorate paper! (this CD is different from the Paper Process 1 CD). Directions and videos are included for the following paper processes: bleached paper, packing tape transfer, scraped paper, rubberband brayer, trasnsfers, soap resist, embossing, stamped paper, embossing powder, plant print, bubble wrap, spackling paste, carved paper, pierced paper, crimping, sewn paper, brayer printing, and gel medium collage. This is certainly a plethora of ideas!

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Bodacious Boxes!

Boxes as art - Full of super ideas! Flipping boxes (totally cool!) , artist boxes, transformed tissue box, wooden “Louise Nevelson” boxes, quotemeal / wish / cereal box, books in a box - all shown on video with printable directions. Think "inside and outside" the box!

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Sculptural Books

A visual inspiration! View images of accordion, tunnel, flag, pop-up, pop-out, layered, foldout books - and more! Directions on how to create a pop-up book are included (with video). (Please note: All of the sculptural bookmaking directions are NOT on this CD - It includes movies and written directions for the Pop-up book only)

This CD could be used as a companion to the "Sculptural Bookmaking" book we wrote for Davis Publications (which includes ALL of the directions for ALL of the books). Click here for more book informaion.

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Wow 'em!

Paint-by-number, Famous artist feast, Artist Trading Cards, Funky Fashion show, Pinwheels for Peace, Monster Mash, Cow Parade, Lawn Painting, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Thinking Caps, Stand-up Artists and much more! These are things that help to build excitement and support for art programs - see how to jump out of the box, try something different, and Wow 'em!!
This fast-paced visual presentation will set your head spinning and get the wheels turning as you imagine the possibilities for YOUR art program and YOUR school!


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Artist Trading Cards

A Collaborative Cultural Experience - ARTIST TRADING CARDS are a variation of the popular mass-produced trading cards. The difference is rather than buying them, you make them. This means that each card is an original work of art, or one of a small edition, that you can trade with other people who have created their own cards. Any media, from pencil, paint and photography, to collage, mixed media, and 3-D materials, for this form of art, anything goes!

Learn how you can use the Artist Trading Card concept to "ramp up" your curriculum and how see easily students "take" to this new art form - this is sure to be a hit at all grade levels! Includes videos and handouts on an ATC assignment that covers the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

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Triangle Transformed

Take a simple triangle and transform it into an amazing sculptural book! First learn how to decorate paper using bubbles, chalk, cheesecloth, dripped dye, salt and paste. Then, watch videos on how to create a fold-out book and a pyramid book. This CD will show you how to do it all! Includes step-by-step directions, handouts and videos.

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Sketchbook Starters

Explore personal pages of the artist sketchbook-journal.  This visual presentation will delve into highly creative and unique sketchbooks and uncover new ideas for creating personal pages using a variety of art media. 

Discover assignments and the motivation needed to conceive an idea and bring it to fruition via the sketchbook.  Learn to use the sketchbook as a place to doodle, remember, decode, draw, and dream. 

Included are videos and directions for: altering pages, framing the page, composing the page, personal journals, artist pages, quote pages, templates, websites, sketchbooks and resources.

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Artist Connections

See what happens when you invite Chuck Close, Roy Lichenstein, Sandy Skogland, Christo & other famous artists to join you in your studio lessons - art history becomes dynamic & exciting! Videos and handouts for lessons for all levels, including artists, Haring, Warhol, aboriginal artists, Kalho, Sendak, Bearden, Matisse, Stella, Ringgold, Boticelli, Miro, and more!

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Please Note: These workshop CDs are for personal/classroom use only - the content or CDs may NOT be copied, distributed, used in another presentation or posted to any website without permission of Studio 443.

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